We are a technology driven logistics company that is building the material movement pipeline of India through a globally unique innovation of express line haul trucking, enabled by a strong interplay of technology, data analysis, culture and operational excellence. Our goal is to make logistics faster, safer, innovative & cost-effective

A company run by the industry experts and veterans of the logistics industry. JD Logistics is solving a real and fundamental problem of non-reliable distribution using a breakthrough 24x7 real time customise control tower model

Our mission is to provide hassle free logistics to industry using latest automation and global technology

We have been transforming the sector with our innovative dedicated line haul model and cutting-edge technology to consistently provide unparalleled delivery times and reliability to our clients.

We are solving the full range of challenges of the logistics industry using technology — be it complex problems like Inventory management, data analytics, route planning or human behaviour analysis

Our technology obsession has resulted in simple, intuitive technology products gaining quick and easy adoption by the logistics industry

With accurate predictions, high levels of efficiency, simple automated operations, and a strong and pure mission, we are re-imagining logistics for India and the world

It is a mission that is larger than all of us – one that needs more than just employees doing their job right. Everyone at JD Logistics is a passionate owner building an organization of the future ….

“ Innovation is saying no to thousand things “


Our Value are the foundation of our activities: Respect, Integrity, Trust, Sustainability, Responsibility


To be a Leading Professional institution in the global field of Logistics and Supply chain Management


To become the world's Preferred supply chain logistics company applying insight, Service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for business and society



    We don’t think in terms of problems. We think in terms of solutions. There is usually more than one. We will help you manage your logistics and get it to end to end integrated giving you more reliably and cost efficiently.


    We built this company on service. Outstanding service. Our experts are dedicated and reliable. We won’t just get your cargo to its destination. We’ll get it done quickly, efficiently and seamlessly from start to finish. JD Logistics continually sets new standards in customer confidence, so you get to spend more time doing what you do best: taking care of business.


    Our most important asset is our people. JD Logistics invests heavily in the development of our team. We’re professional, efficient and knowledgeable, and we always make it happen. We’re in early and we always go the extra mile. We deliver just about anything to places you may not even recognize. It’s this expertise, attention to detail and dedicated customer service that sets us apart.